Lamplighter Festival 2018

Healthy Minds Lantern

Todmorden is a special place. It’s a small town, right on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire. Surrounded by hills, moors, mountains and rivers. Woodland and beauty are everywhere you look – perhaps that’s why so many artists come to live here?

The Lamplighter Festival began in Todmorden as a way to celebrate even the smallest joys in the gathering dark. This little town hasn’t had it easy – floods have wrecked this valley so many times, some houses still bear the damage from the 2015 flooding. Businesses went bust, people lost everything – truly dark times.

But LOOK at my beautiful town!

For the four weeks I have worked with an artist from Handmade Parade at the Healthy Minds group. We have been building lanterns for this event – and the main piece is The Big Top.

There were literally hundreds of other lanterns made by Todmorden residents, working together over several workshop meetings to light up the night! Not to mention the glorious creations from Handmade Parade…. I mean just look at the magical Polar Bear (the legs actually moved) and the majestic Lion!

We had the privilege of walking in the Parade too – right in front of the astounding Magician’ s Hat, complete with doves fluttering out. It was totally BRILLIANT. The roads were lined with thousands of spectators, people in fancy dress and adorned with fairy lights, children waving and clapping….. wonderful.

I can’t wait to see what next year’s Lamplighter Festival has in store – this year has been a fairy tale.

Much love xx

The Magical Polar Bear
The Majestic Lion
The Magician’s Hat
Fluttering Dove
The Todmorden Dog

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