New Year….. Same Me!

So here we are, January 2019. Personally, I can’t quite believe that it’s 2019….. I was born in the 1980s and grew up thinking that by this time there would be flying cars and colonies on the moon! Oh well, at least we have Smart phones πŸ˜†

Because it’s January, social media is awash with resolutions and pledges and promises to be a better you this year. From Veganuary to Dry January, Slimming World Best Year Ever and so on….. there’s something for everyone. Because EVERYONE has stuff to change, and setting a New Years Resolution is the best way right?

Wrong. Most people break their resolution before the second week of January!

You have probably gathered by now that I am not a resolution fan. I believe that it’s just another way to put pressure on people; people who are constantly fed by society the lies that they are too fat, undesirable, too unhealthy, too ugly as they are.

Not for me thanks!

No diets – working on loving myself unconditionally means loving my jiggly bits however jiggly they might be!

No workouts – I have ME and a whole other host of conditions; do I want to hospitalise myself for a so-called hard body? Computer says no.

No lifestyle changes – my body, mind and spirit have been through enough change and upheaval! Why would I subject myself to anything else?

This year, as I have for the last few years, I am choosing to focus on what I am able to do and being thankful for how far I have come already. I have picked a few fun and interesting things I hope to be able to do this year – things to look forward to and hope for.

Because what is a new year without hope?

It is my deepest hope that someone reading this realises that they are wonderful just as they are. That they don’t have to join a diet club, a gym, or anything else because they are loved and lovely and worthy of love right now.

That’s what I hope for!

What are your hopes for 2019? I would love to hear what you think in the comments!

Much love xxx

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