Where Are You Now?

It’s been a hectic month for us here in the Valley! Getting back into the routines of college, work, home education and chores has been a bit of a shock after the delightfully slow days of December. Is it just me, or did January seem to last for about four months instead of one?

Today’s post is about taking a moment in time to check in with YOU. To find out how you are really doing, what you’re feeling and thinking and where you’re at right now in relation to your hopes and dreams for 2019.

I spend a lot of time asking others how they are; I know that a lot of folks ask the question but don’t really want to hear the answer, so when I ask I make a point of being around to listen. I care about people deeply! Whether I am checking in with my kids and husband, or texting a friend or a colleague – if I ask “How are you?” I actually want to know.

I also get asked a lot about how I am. Health professionals, my husband, kids, friends, acquaintances, social media contacts all want to know how I am. This usually means how is my physical health, how are my pain levels, am I very fatigued today etc. When you live with a disability you have to get used to giving lots of detailed information in answer to “How are you feeling today?”

It’s really lovely being asked how I’m getting on, so surely making time to ask myself those things is going to be a good thing – right?

Self Reflection Exercise.

The first thing I do is make myself a nice hot drink – usually a herbal tea – and I grab a notebook and pen. Then I find somewhere quiet and comfy to sit, where I won’t be distracted for at least 15 minutes. As I sit quietly and sip my tea, I start to ask myself the following questions;

How am I feeling today in my whole self?

What do I need more/less of?

What have I learned from the last month/week?*

What part of me am I thankful for?

*depends on your reflection frequency.

I write the answers and thoughts down as they come, usually using the questions as headers in my notebook and ensuring each page is dated.

When you have done your journal, do take a moment to read your responses to yourself. Pay attention to each word – try to avoid correcting spellings etc – and allow yourself to connect with what you have written, without any shame or embarrassment. It’s your life after all, to live however you see fit!

I think a really important part of checking up on our self is looking back over where we’ve been.

Perhaps you’re feeling wobbly, overloaded and drained but you can’t think why? Taking a minute to reflect back on your month, you see how you finished a huge project, worked late 12 times, had a bad cold and the dog got sick! No wonder you’re struggling!

I know it’s a silly example, but I usually find the answers to how I’m currently feeling lay in looking back.

And there you have it – a quick chat with your inner self and a spot of pure self love 😊 Getting to know yourself better will only ever lead to good things – deeper self esteem, unconditional love, grace and integrity are just a few of the benefits of living a life completely rooted in your being.

Do you practice self reflection? How do you like to go about it? Got any tips for me – I do struggle to sit still at times!

Much love xx

5 Comments on “Where Are You Now?

  1. Hi 😊 It’s seaside.spoonie, Mishka from IG. Great tips! Sometimes, like today, I check in to make sure my mind, body, and soul feel aligned. Can’t explain it as it’s just a feeling. I know when I feel like they aren’t it’s time to retreat, rest, and find my inner peace and balance. Hoping February brings us all a better month. Look forward to following along on your blogging journey🌻


  2. Finding my bullet journal is helping me to track my habits and reflect on how I managed things. I just started this year but already I can see what I did well by looking back. I enjoyed reading your post. Happy February to you x


    • Happy February to you too lovely! Having a bullet journal has been really helpful to me too. It helps me be more focused and productive


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