Benji; The Romanian Rescue Dog of Wonder!

On 23rd March 2019 we welcomed into our home a bouncy, boisterous ball of energy – Benji the Romanian Rescue Dog of Wonder – and our family finally feels complete. You see, we have been longing for a dog for over a year. We’ve had so many false starts, tragedies and let downs along the way that at times it felt like we would never find our pup. But he’s here, he’s ours and he’s staying forever!

Benji is a mongrel cross-breed, rescued from a Romanian kill shelter by One Paw At A Time, a UK based charity that works hard to save puppies and older dogs from terrible places across the world. He spent his early life trapped in a tiny crate, subjected to neglect and malnourished to the point where his legs became bowed from vitamin deficiency. He had a very rough start and it would make sense if he was aggressive or timid, except he isn’t any of those things.

You see, Benji just wants to be loved! He is the biggest licky monster in the world, he believes that we all live here simply to adore him and he’s well aware how cute he is. He is a very affectionate boy; sometimes his excitement can get the better of him and he grabs hands and fingeers with his teeth (never to hurt, he just presses gently) or tries to nibble toes off! Benji is in his teenage phase of puppy-hood, so this over zealous behaviour should stop in the next couple months, and in the meantime we’re all working hard on his training.

How do you cope with a pup and disabilities?

The hardest thing about having Benji come to live with us has been the impact on my energy levels, and learning how to manage with the new routine. There seems to be no time for me to have a flare up of conditions – although it’s happening anyway I just have got to push through – and I have had to try get to grips with resting when I can. It’s almost like having an energetic toddler living with us! Because Benji is so young and bouncy, he needs a lot of exercise and stimulation – thankfully I have a husband who enjoys hiking and two teenagers who love to play.

It can be immensely draining having a dog whilst living with disabilities. Sometimes I can’t face getting jumped on again, or having my slippers nibbled on….. sometimes it would be great to have a cup of tea without it being knocked out of my hands! It is tiring; that being said, the positive impact on my mental health has been immeasurable and that alone makes it worthwhile for me.

Being “green” puppy parents.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll be aware that we try to live as waste free a life as possible – including how we care for our pets. My biggest concern was actually poo bags! Single use plastic bags are a no-go in our house, but poop needs to be scooped – I mean come on, how disgusting is it that some people let their dogs crap everywhere and then leave it.

We did some research and came across My AlphaPet on Amazon. My AlphaPet manufactures poo bags made with cornstarch from GM free corn. The bags are large enough for big lumps and super strong and thick, plus they come scented! The cornstarch will completely biodegrade in 90 days, leaving no waste behind in landfill. Perfect. If you’d like to give them a try for yourself, just click through here and I will earn a few pence!

When it comes to food; we decided to go with as Benji needs a grain free, hypoallergenic diet and they can accomodate him easily. The food is tailor-made to Benji’s weight, age and size and comes delivered in a recyclable bag every month. We use the scoop provided, and serve him the daily recommended amount split into two portions. It works out at about Β£1 a day to feed him and he seems happy and healthy on his new diet. I would definitely recomend the service! If you want to give them a try, and fancy one month of free dog food for Β£1 delivery (as well as help me out with feeding my pup) then head click on TAILS.COM and it will take you straight there with the discount applied. I love a bargain me!

Thank you for reading my second post in the A to Z 10th Anniversary Challenge! Be sure to check in tomorrow to see what I’ve come up with for the letter C.

Have a great day, much love xxx


One thought on “Benji; The Romanian Rescue Dog of Wonder!

  1. craftschronicillnessandadulting

    Awe, such a sweet face. πŸ™‚ Dogs are the best. When my late Kaiser was a pup we resorted to putting rubbing alcohol on anything that we didn’t want him to chew, including our hands. It worked like a charm. He also loved to snack on carrots, almonds, and sweet potatoes. Just passing along some tips. πŸ™‚ Welcome home, Benji!


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