Boho On A Budget; Living Room Makeover.

I love my home. I really really REALLY do; from the old stone to the wonky walls, even the ridiculously steep staircase and mismatched kitchen – I LOVE MY HOME! I also really love the boho interiors popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram; macrame, vibrant colours and tonnes of houseplants just make me smile so much. But how can you achieve boho on a budget?

What does “Boho” mean anyway?

It’s a term that’s being bandied about all over the internet right now; Boho Festival Looks, Boho Hairstyles, Boho this and that and the other! But at it’s root, Bohemian means unconventional and creative. It means rebellious and subversive. It means to do things differently.

The term “Bohemian” began in Paris in the early 19th Century as a way to describe a growing community of wandering artists living unconventionally in the city. The word in French also means “gypsy”- there were many travellers and refugees at this time coming from Eastern Europe, and popular thought declared they all came from Bohemia hence the name. Gypsies were widely held in disdain and mistrust, however they were also secretly admired for their creativity and “other-worldliness” – basically people loved and hated them equally. The artists adopted the transient nature of traveller life and began to live in a way that rejected the notion of property and drudgery, instead believing in and exploring ideas of beauty and love!

Is my living room really Boho?

You know I value words and their meanings and am not one to use them lightly; I have a great respect for the early Bohemians and for the travelling gypsies of Eastern Europe and I wouldn’t use this term unless I felt I could. My living room is an outworking of that respect, as well as a nod to my own rebellious spirit!

My fireplace and storage solutions.

You see; in the interiors world of the great internet lands it’s all about how much cash you can throw at a project, the new sofa and the glass extensions and the parquet floors. I love all of that and it makes for pretty pictures, but it’s not for me. I don’t have a lot of spare money. I believe in making do with what I have, buying second hand and taking care of things we find. I do this because we already have everything we need and our planet needs us to start making less! And I know more and more people are catching on to this less wasteful way of life, but it’s still relatively unconventional.

90% of the things in my living room are second hand, old or re-purposed from other rooms in my house. In fact, the only new things we bought are four cushions (£24 TOFS) and the rug (£39.99 B&M). The large sofa (pictured below) is from a Facebook Marketplace seller in our town and cost £40 with a storage pouffe. The chest of drawers under my TV were in my Nana and Grandad’s house all my life. That triangle stone on the fireplace? We found that in the woods!

My bargain large DFS sofa and storage pouffe.

The white throws over the sofas came from a charity shop, the yellow mirror was given to me by a lovely friend and we painted it. Eddie bought the coffee table at the junk market and it turned out that it had been made in our town about 50 years ago! I love each and every piece in our living room and there is a story attached to it all. To me, that embodies the Bohemian values of Beauty and Love – so yes, I do think my lounge really is “Boho” and on a tiny budget!

Big Bertha, my largest houseplant!

I hope you have enjoyed taking a look at my lovely living room! We are really proud of it; I find myself sitting in here most days and just enjoying the feeling of peaceful joy that seems to fill this space. Do you have a favourite room in your home? Perhaps you’re just beginning a makeover and you have some brilliant budget friendly ideas and tricks? I would love to hear what you’re upto!

Thank you for reading along. I hope you all are as in love with your homes as I am – and if not, I pray you find a part of it to begin falling for! Take care loves, I’ll see you soon!

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