Big Ideas and a Tiny Budget; Luxury Bedroom Makeover

You know me, I love a bargain and I hate paying full price for anything! So when the Hubster and I decided we wanted to work on making our bedroom more “us” and less “white rented room” I had to harness all my money saving skills to get it done for less!

Our wonderful bedroom.

This was quite the challenge; the whole bedroom makeover was centred around a new bed – our old bed was definitely on it’s last legs after 12 years – and we all know how expensive beds can be! Especially the kind of bed we’d settled on: king size,  upholstered, with storage drawers and a high headboard. Not cheap. I trawled through eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketplace and found nothing. We tried local secondhand furniture shops and stalls, charity shops and Gumtree. Nothing, zilch, zip.

Brilliant, budget friendly beds do exist!

One day whilst scrolling through an Instagram interior design hashtag I came across Arista Living – or rather I saw someone I follow raving about this great bed they’d bought AND they were sharing a 50% off code! My bargain alarm was screeching BUT I needed more information first. So I scoped Arista Living out; I trawled through reviews, other accounts recommending them and so on until I was convinced to give them a go – and I’m so glad I did! Their website is ridiculously simple to use; with just 3 clicks I designed our ideal bed, then at the checkout I popped in the 50% off code and it worked! We got a king size, 4 drawer, grey upholstered bed with a tall headboard for under £290 including rapid delivery. When it arrived, the Hubster and my son put it up while I supervised using the easy to follow instructions et voila! Dream bed goal achieved.

If you’re looking for a new bed, I would really recommend giving Arista Living a try. The bed we bought is amazing quality – and I spend most of my life in bed so it’s been put to the test – and the customer service was incredible too. I had 4 emails to update me on my order progress, then on delivery day there were several contacts to ensure everything went smoothly. I cannot big them up enough! And, cos I wouldn’t let you down, here’s 50% off for you with code wholly50 so you too can enjoy that wondrous smugness of knowing you got a cracking deal. Act quick, it expires on 27th February!

That gorgeous colour!

I love it when a plan comes together.

The next thing on our schedule was to find the right paint. We decided on a shade from Farrow & Ball – Vardo – however F&B paints are quite pricey. A friend recommended Decorating Centre Online, they offer a colour-match service on their website and their prices are very competitive. Our paint cost £13.99 for 1 litre, and we used under half that.

Next up was storage solutions; we’re really lucky to have built in shelves in our attic bedroom, however they tend to get disorganised and messy very easily. We wanted some matching storage boxes, however a lot of the options were just too expensive – especially as we needed 6 altogether! Again after an afternoon of internet browsing, we stumbled upon the sale at The Range and found the perfect storage baskets for just £3 each. Amazing right? We also picked up a faux fur throw, a soft pink throw, two cushions and two bedside lamps on their website – all in the sale. The lamps were the biggest bargain, just £12 for both, down from £19.99 for one. Bloody brilliant!

Our local B&M provided the remaining cushions we wanted, as well as some bits and bobs. We sourced our wall art from a small online business with a 10% off code, and our faux sheepskin rugs had 25% off on Amazon. Because my house is basically an indoor jungle, we moved some of our plants into the bedroom – so that was technically free. Oh yeah, I made the macrame hangers for the plants from rope I already had, so that’s free too!

You can never have enough plants!

A final bargain brag….

I forgot to mention/brag about the beautiful bedding set I found. I love linen, I really do. My dream bed set is blush coloured linen, all crinkly and soft and gorgeous. My bank account however has nightmares at the thought of it. I was googling “navy bedding king size” when a result from Online Home Shop popped up. Linen effect, deep navy king size bedding for £10.99, sounds too good to be true…. To be honest, at that price I wasn’t expecting anything fancy you know? But what we got…. wow. The quality is wonderful, the colour so rich (and it doesn’t fade in the wash) and the fabric is so soft and light but warm at the same time…. just perfect. My son loves it so much he’s asked for the same bedding – but in grey – for his room makeover!

There we have it, the great brag-a-thon about my beautiful bargain bedroom! I feel like we managed to achieve a luxury, boutique hotel kind of vibe on a shoestring. Altogether, including a new king size bed, we spent £428.97 and I think that’s pretty bloody brilliant – especially as our total budget was just £500.

The next room on my list is my 14 year old son’s and to be honest I’m pretty excited; he really loves chic, minimal Scandinavian style whereas I’m a raving bohemian maximalist – so it’s going to be a huge challenge! Of course I’ll be sharing what happens, as well as any budget friendly finds, along the way both here and on my Instagram.

Have you got any big room makeover plans in 2020? I would love to hear all about them!

*DISCLOSURE* this post contains affiliate links which I will receive a small commission from*

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