An Alternative Lifestyle….

Believe me when I say I am the most unlikely person to write a lifestyle blog! I don’t know about you, but when I think about the lifestyle genre I immediately picture perfectly made-up yummy mummies with their designer kids and Instagram perfect homes – you know what I mean? A mid thirties mum with a limp, two stroppy teenagers and a penchant for talking to trees is not what springs to mind is it?

That’s me. The one with the limp and the gigantic kids. I’m a little more curvy than the other lifestyle lasses and my husband is covered in tattoos and has a giant beard. We live in the north of England – not California or wherever – and most of the time it’s raining! So yeah, not your typical lifestyle content creator!

Apart from the very few, how many of us can actually relate to any of that stuff anyway? I enjoy a spot of escapism as much as the next person (I watched an entire season of Real Housewives of Cheshire in one night once) but in reality my life is more balancing the budget than Balenciaga – and I think your’s probably is too?

Wholly Dee is about trying to live as whole a life as possible: being kind and loving to myself and those around me as well as taking care of our planet. It’s about how to feed a family of fussy eaters on next to nothing, how to find the joy in the worst moments and how to have a lovely home on not much money. It’s about the relationship issues we have that we don’t know who to ask about, or where the best bargain days out can be found for half term. Wholly Dee is a combination of all these things with a dash of introspection, a sprinkling of humour and a huge squirt of honesty – just like me!

If you’re looking for designer jeans, sports cars and lip fillers then you’re in the wrong place! But if you came for a natter with a woman trying to live a life as true to herself as possible, for a laugh at my latest disaster (they happen frequently, trust me, I’m forever freaking out over something) or in need of a loud, tuneless and uncoordinated cheerleader…… well pop the kettle on and let’s get the biscuits out eh?

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